Changing the Road at Buckingham Palace?

The unfriendly road layout in front of Buckingham Palace may be in for a change. Earlier this year, we heard that the Royal Parks had received provisional Greenways funding to study the feasibility of changing the layout.

Spur Road is intimidating for less experienced cyclists

The triangular gyratory system around the ends of Birdcage Walk, Buckingham Gate and Spur Road is certainly intimidating for less experienced cyclists, especially as it has five lanes of traffic in places. Weaving across lanes of fast-moving traffic is about the most difficult manoeuvre cyclists have to make.

The area was last studied in connection with the ill-fated Parliament Square project shortly after the Millennium. At that time, engineers concluded that a gyratory with five lanes of traffic really was necessary to prevent traffic chaos.

Since then there has been about a 20% drop in motor vehicles and about a fourfold increase in the number of cyclists. So the Royal Parks now believe that capacity could be reduced without dire effects on London's traffic. Options include conversion back to two-way, reducing the number of traffic lanes or reserving a lane for cyclists.

Watch this space – though don't expect instant action!

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We have had the following report from the Royal Parks:

Traffic surveying and assessment were undertaken at the junction during March 2012. Plans have been developed for improvements to Buckingham Gate Gyratory and Spur Road with a view to improving circulation and safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Once the proposals have been refined consultation with the Met Police, Royal Palace, Transport for London and Cycle Groups will commence.

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