Charing Cross - Bikes folded before passing through the barrier

Hi All,

I communte into Charing Cross from Orpington with a folding bike.  I've been accustomed to wheeling my bike through the ticket barrier for luggage, along the platform, folding the bike at the door to the train before storing it in a luggage space.  Recently I was refused access to the platform at the ticket barrier unless I folded the bike first, meaning I had to lug the bike all the way from the ticket barrier to the train.

I've tried to find out if this is an official policy or just the whim of some official, and whether it applies just at Charing Cross, all stations or only Southeastern run stations.  There is nothing on Southeastern's website that I can find.

Has anyone else had similar issues or knows anything about this?

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere


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