Clarence Street - cyclists being ticketed - £50 fines

In the police's so-called operation "Safeway" they are now stopping anyone cycling in Clarence Street (Kingston) and dishing out £50 fines, even when the shops are closed.  If, however, you happen to be driving a 38 tonne truck and are delivering to Marks and Spencer you can (in the restricted hours) motor down Clarence Street. Where's the sense in that? Is an articulated truck in a 'pedestrian zone' less hazardous than someone on a pedal cycle? According to the signs you shouldn't cycle in Clarence Street, so savce yourself a fine and don't do it.   BTW if there's a lawyer who can advise whether the police should be issuing Ref 508 'cycling on a footpath' FPN when this patently is not a footpath but rather a vehicle restricted area, please get in touch and we'll see if we can get some of these fines refunded.

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