Come on Bromley cyclists!

OK so someone has to start this off.  anyone else there?




  • By JHW at 6:58pm 6 June 2011

This would be quite a good place for Bromley to London commuters to record and share their experiences, routes, wheezes, squeezes and, dare I say, sneezes. Nothing too heavy. I have seen reports on some forums that make me think that the participants are commuting in Helmand Province rather than leafy ol' South London. Constant references to motons, nodders?, numpties, peds and the like. Perhaps on this forum we can all try to respect and be nice to our fellow road users and realise that we're all in it together and we might just as well try to get along. What do you think. Best wishes TyT

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  • By JHW at 8:24pm 9 June 2011
My route home takes me along the riverside walk by the R Pool in Catford. The water authority had obviously spent the day fishing abandoned trollies and other detritus out of the river. I was amazed at the size of the piles of junk. Nice commute today. Not so many bikes about this morning, but plenty this evening. Strong headwind both morning and evening. Strange that, I never seem to notice a tailwind. And finally the map below doesn't seem to wok
  • By veryfat at 4:19pm 25 October 2012

Have I missed the boat; has everyone gone?

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