Communal hallway: insurance?


Does anyone know of insurance that would cover a bike left in a communal hallway, but not locked to a fixed object? I'm sure that, even if it did exist, the premiums would be way too high for it to be worthwhile, but just thought I'd ask!



Don't think there is an easy answer to this.

Strategies you have probably had to reject are;

spell it out to contents insurer;

raise with landlord/caretaker/neighbours -- you never know!

take bike in flat;  

Hang bike on hook by its front wheel ;

store on a  "flower pot" wall bracket; or those ceiling pulleys;

Buy a folding bike.

get permission to erect a bike-box in a suitable outside area

You might be near a hire-bike stand;

campaign for public realm storage;

  • By jo_w at 12:16am 2 October 2012

Thanks for the suggestions. You're dead right about the solutions that I've already ruled out. I was chaining it up directly opposite a police station for a few months thinking that prevention would be better than a cure (i.e. deterrence would be better than insurance)...but, after having my wheels vandalised twice in as many weeks, I realised that some people are idiots, and there isn't much the police can do about it. Better to lug it up four flights of stairs every night and hope for the best!

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