Compulsory helmet wearing

According to Wikipedia this summer's Ride London follows more or less the usual route - but the rules say you must wear a helmet (and incidentally, a ban on 'unusual' handlebars). A departure from TfL's policy of only recommending, and the thin edge of the wedge towards legislation? I can't quite tell from the obscure website layout whether this is true, or just applies to the longer formal rides / races - has anyone worked it out yet?


Yes, unfortunately compulsory helmet-wearing is included in the terms and conditions which they are currently publishing for the RideLondon 2013 event.

Ever since we (LCC) suggested this ride in 2007, we've been struggling against the tendency of the organisers to impose their idea of what you should wear on your head. Back then it was just advice. Now it's a requirement.

It's enough to make you bang your head against a brick wall -- an activity for which the wearing of some type of crash helmet would probably be of some use.

We got the terms and conditions changed when we complained in previous years. We must get them changed again.

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Where did you find the T&C on the website Trevor?  I can't even find the General Conditions of Entry, which I have been deemed to have read by virtue of signing a registration form (things we do in the interests of research).    Clause 3, "I declare that I will compete by human powered cycle and that my entry is subject to the General Conditions of Entry a copy of which is available."  Where? is the reasonable query.

But it must be challengeable anyway under anti-discrimination law.

And line 3 of intro para, "Everyone will be welcome, no matter what their age or ability"

The publicity photo taken in Trafalgar Square shows adult cyclists not wearing helmets.  That's also the only photo that shows an adult who is not white skinned.

I put that badly. 

Where do I find them if starting at the organisers main web page?  That is as your average punter reading bumph prior to filling in a form.  I have searched all over the site (hence registering, thought would be revealed in that process - as in tick to say have read this).

I can't see anything at any menu at

I did toy with the issues of how the condition of entry can be enforced, putting aside the likely potential unlawfulness of them in the UK*.  As some cyclists who are not event participants are likly to be toing and froing with daily life around bits of the 'course'. 

However the event roads will be 'closed', which presumably means that non-participants can be barred and removed!  That could lead to some interesting news coverage... "Sikh on an electric bicycle carried from the Prudential RideLondon event after refusing a senior steward's request that he comply with the terms of participation.  Sir Bradley Wiggens said..."

*One of life's little serendipitous moments was when I was checking I was correct on the  (UK) law on motorcycle helmets and turban wearing (1976 exemption), possibly analogous, and came across this March 2013 Australian report.

Answered my own question going back to the registration form...edited from a post I sent to LCC Issues on same matter.

"Further research means that I have now answered the question I posed Trevor ...

In an attempt to find the T&Cs that TP refers to I registered for the PRLF and in that process was asked to sign [clause 3 as above] 

I then searched high and low on the website for the CoE referred to without success but in the process of copying and pasting clause 3 for posterity I discovered a technical typo - there is an invisible hypertext link.  The word "here" as a link follows "available" but like secret ink is only revealed when that sentence is pasted into another format.  Voila, the T&Cs referred to by Trevor.  (Clck on the 'empty' space after "available".)

It sems likely  that this is an organisers' error and the T&Cs for the elite events have found their way onto the wrong page however as the registration process stands at present then [.]  We all must wear helmets that must be dne up at all times, none of us can bring our pets or our unusual handlebars, or use an electric cycle, or a mobile whilst cycling or do any of this with the aid of another."


The 'unusual handlbars' proviso will presumably rule me out on my recumbent - a shame as I've used it in all the previous Skyrides.



This is a glitch, it's being sorted by the redoubtable Matt Mallinder, deputy CEO.

Since posting this I've emailed the contact address and asked directly if helmets are compulsory on the Freeride event. The response from the Prudential Ride London Team, presumably the press secretary, is that they are recommended but not compulsory. So nothing to get excited about after all.

As Charles says above, we're talking with the organisers about changing/removing some text in the T&Cs. We'll update you as soon as we have a response.

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