Compulsory helmet wearing on Ride London?

The 2013 Skyride, now rebranded in some complicated way as Ride London, includes a public open event similar to previous years. According to Wikipedia, though, this time the event rules include compulsory helmet wearing. I've checked the terms and conditions and that does appear to be the case, along with restrictions on 'unusual handlebars'. That seems contrary to TfL policy as well as cycling common sense, given that this will be about the safest place to cycle in the capital - and it represents an insidious step towards normalising a helmet requirement. It will be interesting to see what happens when thousands of cyclists who don't even own a helmet turn up to join the ride. But the information isn't very clear, perhaps more so if you register - maybe that just applies to the longer road events?

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There's anothern thread about this here

We're talking with the organisers about changing several key points in the T&Cs

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