Consultation A4-Sutton Lane

There is a consultation for a new junction design on the A4-Sutton lane junction. PDFs are attached.
The proposals are:

- New signalised toucan crossings on the north and south arms of the junction to help pedestrians and cyclists to cross Sutton Lane and Upper Sutton Lane more easily and safely
- A new raised entry treatment on Nobel Corner to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross over the road more easily and access the other crossing facilities
- New parking bays on Nobel Corner to provide additional on-street parking and streetscape improvements to enhance the immediate area
- The creation of shared pedestrians and cycle footways adjacent to the junction to allow both users to safely access the new crossings

Without great local knowledge I would make the following points:

- No on road facilities combined with narrow lanes make cycling on the carriageway very hazardous
- Nobel Corner should be completely pedestrians (no cut through)
- In any case there is no raised crossing on ‘the other’ side of Nobel Corner
- Personally I would object ot extra car parking provision, but in any case there is NO cycle parking proposed
- Object to staggered toucan crossings
- No pedestrian crossing on the Western arm of the junction

What do you think?

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