Copy a belgian campaign? - "my-short-trips"

Just seen this article about something which seems to have been happening for 7 years now in Belgium.Think that it could be another possible option to encourage more people onto their bikes.


Successful my-short-trips campaign sets the car aside (Belgium)

For the seventh time, the Mijn-Korte-Ritten (my-short-trips) campaign was organised in Flanders, Belgium. With this campaign municipalities and organisations promote walking and cycling for short distances (less than 5 km) usually done by car.

This year, Flemish weatherwoman Sabine Hagedoren was godmother of the campaign. Her enthusiasm certainly reinforced the campaign’s message. When asked why she personally considered it important for short trips to walk or cycle, the answer was as follows: “We all know now that walking and cycling is better for the environment. But it is also much more fun. You know when you leave and when you arrive. For example, if I bring my children to school by bike, I'm guaranteed within fifteen minutes to be at the school. The kids find it fun. And if the kids are happy, then the mummy is happy (laughs). Now when I go pick them up by car, they are always disappointed and they shout: we want to ride our bicyle!"

This year a total of 36 municipalities and 136 organisations took part. The results and winners were announced in the city of Oud-Turnhout. During the campaign period the participants of the campaign jointly travelled approximately 145.000 km. By foot or by bicycle they bridged the circumference of the earth 3,5 times. This saved them €45.886 for individual vehicle costs and €65.961 of collective transport costs, which in the current economic environment is quite a bonus. The health of the participants gained as well with 7.113.582 extra calories were burned in their short journeys , the equivalent of 23.712 pieces of cream cake!

The festive final event was organised by Mobiel 21 vzw and the municipality of Oud-Turnhout. They were one of the 36 municipalities that are committed to promote and support the campaign locally. Thanks to enthusiastic participants, the campaign was also a local success, not in the least by the many journeys that municipal staff themselves saved during the campaign.

Why this campaign? Short trips are a large share of daily trips. Walking and cycling in many cases offers an excellent alternative for car trips. Leaving the car for short distances, the user or better the non-user wins three times: both health and the environment as well as the wallet will benefit!

This campaign was designed by and is maintained by Mobiel 21 vzw, the Short Trips Contract (virtual or paper) engages participants for one month to replace at least 20% of short car trips by walking and cycling.

Source and picture: Mobiel 21 vzw © 2011

More info: (Dutch)

Date Posted: 14.07.2011

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