Council Cycling Champion calls again for a stop on putting cyclists off about safety fears

Richmond's Cycling Champion has called again for campaigners to stop putting cyclists off by talking about safety. Instead, she wants us to "share a shower"


I am not convinced that campaigners put people off by talking about safety too much, most campaigners campaign about a variety of things.

Training, new routes, buddy rides,more consideration of other road users, sustainable travel, security, how to get more people cycling, improved cycling facilites, all of the principles in Go Dutch .......

Unfortunately the thing that makes it into the paper headlines is safety and of course campaigners then ask the local authority to do something about it if possible, but this is only one part of a much wider picture.

  • By paul at 11:22am 11 July 2012

She also wants to stop the Council Cycling Liaison Group talking about routes, signing, junction design etc.

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