Council Cycling Champion Calls for stop to campaigning on safety issues

Latest post on a call from our Borough's Cycling Champion for RCC to stop campaigning on safey concerns as it is putting off new cyclists.


Can someone tell me how these beings came about?  How do they get their post?  What's the remit? Can we sack them?

We discovered Tower Hamlets' when we were told that the mayor was sending 'his cycling champion' to the 18th Nov Bow vigil.  When I was sorting out who was who on the night the incumbent councillor told me he wasn't the 'mayor's cycling champion' but the 'borough's'; either way his existence was news to cycling activists in the borough (as a cyclist let alone the post holder).

  • By paul at 8:07pm 20 December 2011

"The role of the Cycling Champion is to assist in the delivery of the Council’s Cycle Strategy, improve relations with external stakeholder groups, be informed about best practice from other local authorities and also access a free, funded toolkit from Cycling England."

Presumably the local branch of LCC is a "stakeholder". Unfortunately if the Council's Cycle Strategy is "keep them in the dark and don't let them annoy proper road users" the Cycling Champion will not help us much.

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