Council engineers admit to using cyclists as traffic calming through pinch points

We've tracked down the outcome of the Whitton town centre consultation. We had highlighted the lack of any consideration for cycling in the proposals and that dangerous pinch points were being introduced.

The council have responded to confirm that they use pinch points to slow traffic and that this makes it easier for cyclists. With misguided views like this, it's clear that the council engineers never cycle on the roads they're tasked with designing.


  • By zoo at 10:30pm 3 August 2013

Cheapside pinch point:

  • By paul at 12:48pm 5 August 2013

The most annoying thing is that Whitton Town Centre is not on a major route so there was the continental option of keeping out through traffic.

  • By smsm1 at 4:32pm 7 August 2013

I've heard it before where traffic planners have used cyclists as a rolling traffic calming.

I've also met traffic engineers who have planned to reduce the space at a pinch point. It turned out that they cycle regularly and would be happier with that, however they were able to cycle fast with the traffic and hadn't considered slower cyclists who found the traffic and pinch points intimidating and off putting.

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