Critical of the mass?

So what do people think about the ill-fated Critical Mass ride on the opening night of the 2012 Olympics? The mass refused to comply with police restrictions i.e. keep south of the river, and the result was around 180 cyclists arrested and held overnight. I was certainly glad I decided not to go - as it happens I cycled to Stratford on my own to see what there was to see, earlier in the evening, but didn't stay long and was very happy to miss the excitement. I did wonder though, would I have got carried away with the group dynamic, or had the sense to use my better judgement? It would be interesting to hear from anyone who went on the ride, what your personal experience was or how you feel about the events.

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  • By Stily1 at 1:58pm 15 August 2012

I don't suport it. I don't believe it sends a constructive or useful message. And as we've seen, the mass-psychology rarely leads to positive things. Just my thoughts. No, I didn't attend, clearly.

LCC certainly supports the right of London's cyclists to ride once a month, which is enshrined in UK law.

Unless you were there on the night, it's hardly fair to be critical of the Mass' behaviour on the night so many were arrested for reasons that aren't clear.

Was it simply political expediency to 'ban' them from approaching the Olympics, or was there a genuine reason to think the security of the Games were at threat?

One has to wonder what the world's media would have made of 180 arrests of (apparently) peaceful protestors on the night of the opening ceremony if it had happened in Beijing.

Perhaps not the deafening silence there's been from the British media...

  • By twiglet at 8:41am 18 August 2012

shocking to do it during the Olypmics....


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