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Commenting on a recent blog post Daggers wrote:-

I also nearly got hit by a lorry going over Tower Bridge.  In this case the lorry was not at fault.  A tourist without looking stepped backwards over a chain that links some of metal barriers together to take a photo and for me it was either a case of hitting him or swerving.  The incident really shook me up and I avoided cycling for some days.  I now cycle well in from the barriers when going over Tower Bridge and would encourage others to do so.  From south to north there is an uneven ridge till you get to the midpoint on the bridge and that has also caused me to wobble in the past.  Has this been reported by anyone in any of the discussion forums ?

What do you think?


Tower Bridge feels nasty and intimidating when you are on a bike, even though its casualty record is better than other inner London bridges. It is a narrow road with a 20mph speed limit and an 18 ton lorry limit which are continually enforced by 'average speed' cameras.

I find riding at over one metre away from the curb is the best way to stop cars and vans squeezing past, if there is no traffic coming the other way then there is plenty of room for them to overtake.

Cycle trainers advise taking this 'primary position' to be seen by other traffic. On Tower Bridge it is even more important because on windy days you can be blown around a bit. As Daggers commented there is a big ridge in the road going north and when you go south there are nasty potholes on the nearside as you come off the bridge

I don't let vehicles overtake me on tower bridge. Most of the time this is not a problem as I am going faster than them anyway. So I agree with you.

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Usually the traffic is so slow you can manage to cycle across safely. Tourists are always there and I've also come close to clipping them as they lean into the road to take photos. You can report the ridge in the road to TFL - the more people that do this the more likely it will get fixed
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I agree and also cycle well away from the kerb. If you want to 'take the lane' and stop others overtaking, one tip I recommend is making eye contact with the driver behind you and giving them a smile and a thumbs up. The vehicular cycling idea can be impractical as some drivers will still try and pass you when you are riding in the middle of the lane. A bit of engagement with drivers makes them much less likely to do that in my experience. If I find I'm getting stressed out, I'll just walk for a bit and Tower Bridge is a lovely place for a bit of a stroll! At least this bridge is 20 MPH - makes riding well out from the kerb much easier.
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when dealing with traffic its important to have a car camera with gps

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