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The Crown Estate revealed its proposals for the Bakerloo Line Quietway cycle route at a meeting with London Cycling Campaign on Tuesday 04 June 2013. Sat alongside the Mayor’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan and Westminster City Council’s Commissioner for Transportation Martin Low, The Crown Estate’s development manager Peter Bourne said "We believe that what cyclists really need are safe and segregated cycle lanes as suggested by the Mayor in his ‘Vision for Cycling’” and revealed draft plans that had been published online in response to a Freedom of Information request.

“We are proposing a north-south route running from The Mall to Regents Park. It would run from The Mall, where it links into the segregated cycle route along the north side of the Mall and, via Horse Guards Parade, into the Mayor’s Crossrail Cycle Route which runs along Birdcage Walk. It is proposed to be two-way along the entire route with cyclists in a separate segregated contra-flow lane along one-way streets.” An example on Wardour Street is shown below.

“It runs north along Spring Gardens into Trafalgar Square. It crosses Cockspur Street at a signalised crossing and up the west side of Trafalgar Square in front of Canada House. Northbound will be in a segregated lane using space which is currently parking bays and southbound will be on the carriageway in a cycle lane. The route crosses Pall Mall East at the same point as the existing signalised pedestrian crossing and along the north side of Pall Mall East to Whitcomb Street. It then follows Whitcomb Street and Wardour Street, with a signalised crossing at Coventry Street, Shaftsbury Avenue and Oxford Street. Otherwise it has priority at other junctions. We are currently looking at feeder routes into St James’s and Mayfair. For example, we are proposing a route which runs west along Panton Street, Haymarket & Charles II Street.”

“North of Oxford Street the route runs up Berners Street, east onto Eastcastle Street, north onto Newman Street to Mortimer Street. At the moment we are looking about turning east at Mortimer Street and then north onto Cleveland Street. Alternatively it could run west on Mortimer Street and north on Nassau Street as the latter is a less trafficated street. We are also looking at the crossing of Euston / Marylebone Road. One option is to cross at the north end of Great Portland Street, up Albany Street and to enter the park at Chester Gate. Alternately the route could go east at New Cavendish Street or Clipstone Street/Weymouth St onto Portland Place, and north across Marylebone Street on the east side of Park Crescent / Park Square. Once in the Park the route runs round the Outer Circle to link into other cycle routes such as CS11.”

The Crown Estate's response to a Freedom of Information request by Jon Stone included one draft drawing giving an overview of the proposed route and a second draft drawing showing the context of the proposed route with respect to other existing and proposed routes.

The productive meeting on Tuesday 04 June 2013 was attended by London Cycling Campaign’s Charlie Lloyd, trustee Rachel Aldred, the Westminster local group’s Colin Wing and Dominic Fee, and cycle blogger George Johnson. We have been invited by Westminster City Council to attend a series of meetings to assist in the development of the Bakerloo Line Quietway. We must respect that the routing remains subject to further development and consultation with residents and other stakeholders. We are pleased by Westminster City Council’s stated objective to open it as a fully two-way route from day one, and we believe the proposals are major step forward in the development of the Central London Bike Grid.

Dominic Fee, Secretary
Westminster Cycling Campaign: the local group of the London Cycling Campaign

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This route conveniently connects with a path in Regent's Park where the Royal Parks are considering allowing cycling. This runs between Park Square (west) and Chester Road, usefully extending the cycle route along the Broad Walk. 

Yes, I attach a plan showing the Royal Parks' proposals for a route across Marylebone Green from Park Square (west) to Chester Road, connecting northward to the Broad Walk.

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