Croydon Countryside and North Downs Bike Ride

Croydon Countryside and North Downs Bike Ride

A gentle bike ride through rolling countryside and Croydon suburbs via Farleigh and Warlingham areas...some parts off road and some small slopes so a suitable bike is recommended.Ride will include a pub lunch !

All abilities welcome...

Ride organised by Croydon Cycling Campaign (part of LCC)..non members welcome !

Depart Warehouse Theatre (Dingwall Rd East Croydon Station) at 10am ...back by 3pm

Date: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Contact Neil Mosley

Croydon Cycling Campaign (Publicity Officer)

07740 698168



  • By Austen at 8:22pm 11 August 2011


The Bike Ride this Saturday is looking tenative and will go ahead or not depending on the weather; earlier the forecasts suggested it would rain but now they're saying it will be OK. I therefore suggest you check weather / forecasts on Saturday morning and check for messages on this e-mail group before setting off. If it does go ahead, the ride will be along the lines detailed below - leaving at 10 from outside the Warehouse theatre in Dingwall Road (by East Croydon station).


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From: Vince Hemment 
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Sent: Thursday, 11 August 2011, 19:01
Subject: Re: Bike Ride Sat 13 Aug

Hi Austen,

The weather forecast for Saturday is heavy rain & I am a fair weather rider. If it is raining at 09:30, just before I would leave, or that it will obviously rain then I will NOT attend & text you & Emma hopefully before you have left home.

Not sure what we can do about those others who may turn up as I have neither email nor phone numbers.

In future it might be an idea when the ride event details are sent out, that riders are asked to reply & confirm their intention to attend & give contact details of both email & phone.



Hi Vince / Austen,
I'll have to wimp out of this Saturday's ride because I need to be at Cycling for All at Croydon Arena from 9am to 1pm.  But Vince and Austen (at least) should both be there, and you can follow Vince's route (follow link below), with one alteration.....
Park Hill Road is closed (even to cycles) southbound between Chepstow Road and Coombe Road, so you could turn right at the traffic lights at the end of Addiscombe Grove into Fairfield Road, turn sharp left (first turn just beyond the ped crossing) into Fairfield Path and either go up the first bit of the path to near Park Hill Schools or go up through Park Hill park and take the first path exit on the left to go out to the end of Chichester Road and straight-along Chichester Road, crossing Park Hill Road and rejoiing the route.
The bridleway from Featherbed Lane (opp Farleigh Dean Crescent) is usually muddy, in my experience (has it been improved recently?)  The bridleway between Farleigh Church and Harrow Road in Chelsham is one of my favourites in the area, with very rural views only ~1/2 mile outside London !  After struggling up Jewel's Hill, flying down nearly 3 miles of Layhams Road, and struggling up Gravel Hill, perhaps you could pop in to see the Addington Hills viewpoint (entrance is on Shirley Hills Road, a left turn on the outside of the bend after Bishop's Walk on the right, NOT the one with the yellow barrier across the entrance to stop pikeys in their caravans, but the one after that (labelled as a car park entrance, I think?).
Have fun on Saturday.
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From: Vince Hemment
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2011 6:31 PM
Subject: Bike Ride Sat 13 Aug
Hi All,

I did the run this morning & the link below will give you an idea of the route:

the route (25 Miles) finishes at my home, but, from the top of Shirley Hills you can all decide the best way home.

The route is hilly at times (bad bit heading towards Layhams road, with Salt Box Hill behind you) & a drag up the side of Gravel Hill. There is about 5% where I would recommend those with road bikes walked, however, if you were really carefull & with the option of a short walk, the overall ride is well worth it. Hybrid or off road bikes OK & would be better if you have the option.. There is a short stretch of about 300 yards which even for Hybrids will be heavy going, but, you can always walk if you feel that is appropriate. The majority of the ride is tarmac & rough track.

If anyone is really unhappy about the terrain we can stick to the roads & take a slightly longer route.

I have found a cafe, just before Tatsfield, that does lunches & discounts for cyclists, as they have a lot of cyclist who call in on a Sunday.

  • By Austen at 8:06am 13 August 2011

In line with the thread above and current and forecast weather conditions, today's bike ride has been cancelled.  

We may run this particular ride at sometime in the future - thanks to Vince, who worked it out, we have a route ready to go.


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