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Hi Have contacted the LCC Tower Hmslets rep and am awaiitng a reply, but thought in the interim if anyone has had experience of:


Just wondering if any of your local Tower Hamlet riders has had bad experiences of a section of CS3 westbound on the sharp bend on Horseferry Road, near the Limehouse Basin.
The surface is very negatively cambered, smooth and is a very tight bend. In the wet this bend is very slippery and myself and others have skidded here (managed to stay on, but I have seen other crash here).
Is this something your local users have found/aware off? 


Some pictures:
Negative Camber
neg camber
Smooth surface



Hi, not had a problem with the surface wet or dry. My biggest problem has always been drivers, especially lorries not realising there's a cycle way coming towards them on a one way street and driving along the left side of the road ignoring the cycleway.

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Hi, I use CS3 quite a bit and my 28c gator skins do not like this section especially in the wet.  Other cyclists also get confused on this short section because you ride on the right and they are often in the wrong lane.

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It's a common problem with the Cycle Superhighway surfacing. I slid off just by Aldgate East station. It's almost like they didn't check if cycle wheels could grip it when covered in rain and road ick!

On the plus side — since the surface has almost no friction, I only ended up with minor bruises.

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not had a reply from the TH rep yet, in the meantime..


What would be the best way to get this section improved? does the LCC have a mechanism? or woul dit be direct representtation to the Coiuncil and the Mayor?

Apologies that you haven't had a reply ...

This section of CS3 has been discussed by LCC as part of the TfL junction review and we are proposing an alternative route that would negate the need for this slope and across-park route.

As to the problems with the blue surface I would suggest an email to LBTH Transport and Highways.  Unfortunately the LBTH switch board appears to be down today so I can't check who is the best officer but try Elise Boon (Sustainable Transport??) elise.boon@towerhamlets.gov.uk,  cc Ashraf Ali (Better Networks)ashraf.ali@towerhamlets.gov.uk

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