Cycle "bullying"

Stopped at the intersection of Poole Street and New North Road (Islington/Hackney): 

Today I saw three teens dangerously bothering another (solo) cyclist. One of three was cycling directly in front of the single, and cutting him off every time the single tried to pass, while the other three rode behind laughing and taunting. I could hear the solo cyclist patiently trying to tell them off, which must have worked in the end, because I saw the three teens soon after pass me coming back down the road.

I have heard more dangerous situations of this, but this is the first time I saw a group of cyclist ganging up on a lone cyclist. Any advice on how to best handle these situations? 


The video I uploaded shows a [very] brief bit of the taunting, followed by passing the other three later on, on the opposite side of New North Road. 

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Having just seen the video of the lout knocking a cyclist on Victoria Embankment and kicking him into a huge moving bus, I think the best thing is to simply get off one's bike and ignore them...

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