Cycle parking in your front yard

We have just had a call from Melanie Riley, a wandsworth LCC member about putting a cycle shed in her front yard. The council have refused to give planning permission despite all the local and national policies to encourage cycling.

Have other Wandsworth members had the same problem? What solutions have they found?


This link generally covers/explains permitted development limits. 


I am not a planning expert, though! In practical terms ensure your neighbours' are really happy with your proposal and nobody will notice it.

  • By Magda at 1:18pm 29 July 2011

Would be worth looking at the refused design in more detail... Was this in a conservation area?  Don't forget that there is the right of appeal and the council's decision could be overturned by an independent inspector - the appeal process is not as complicated as it may seem!

And someone added to my ignorance that if the bike shed has wheels/rollers it does not require consent, becuse it is moveable.

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