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  • By Arbu on at 2:42pm 20 August 2012
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Can anyone recommend somewhere central with facilities for bike storage, clothes storage and changing? Preferably Holborn or the City.

The place mentioned here looks good but it sounds as if it may never have actually come into operation.



London Bridge Station has good facilities.

the H2 health club on London Wall might be useful

  • By Arbu at 11:06am 28 August 2012

Thanks. The trouble with London Bridge is the limited opening hours - 7:30am to 7:30pm. I go into the City early sometimes for breakfast meetings and if I go out in the evening in the City then 7:30pm is too early.

The H2 health club looks good but it doesn't appear from their website as if their London Wall club is open yet - I've emailed them to ask if they can let me know when it does open. Looks like it's suffering a lot of delays though because it was due to open in 2011.

  • By Arbu at 9:24am 31 August 2012

H2 tell me they're now planning to open the London Wall club early next year.

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