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  • By aj2020 on at 8:26pm 17 November 2013
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Here's an idea...

How about we organise cycling in groups along the cycle super highway routes at peak times? We could pick a meeting point at the start of the routes and have groups departing every 30 mins say. People could join along the route then knowing what times the groups pass.

It would make cycling safer (no driver can fail to spot a whole bunch of luminous riders with many lights between them).

It would encourage better cylcling behaviour.

It would send a message out that people have started to cycle in groups for their own safety, hopefully increasing the pressure for an improvement in conditions.

There would be multiple witnesses to dangerous driving incidents, increasing the chances that the police would take some action against them.

It could encourage new cyclists.

And it would make the cold mornings and dark evenings more fun by having people to chat to. One of the great things about cycling is that it's a socialable form of travelling!

What do people think? Is this something LCC would organise/promote?


It would reinforce the myth that cyclists as a whole are a group, when the vast majority of people cycling are just people going somewhere too far away to walk in the cheapest way possible.

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