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Transport for London have now published their proposals for Cycle Superhighway 5, which runs between Victoria and New Cross, via Vauxhall, Camberwell and Peckham.

You can find the plans at There will also be a public exhibition on Wednesday 12th December, 15:00-19:00, at Parnell House, SW1V 1LW (view map). Both on the web site and at the exhibition you will be able to make your comments. The consultation period ends on 11th January.

Proposals for the Westminster section include:

  • New 2-metre mandatory and advisory cycle lanes replace general traffic lanes in both directions on parts of Vauxhall Bridge Road, reducing the number of lanes for other traffic from two to one
  • A new right-turn area for cyclists and exemption from existing banned right turns into Charlwood Street and Bloomburg Street
  • Cycle ‘early-start’ facilities at the traffic lights on the approaches to the Millbank / Grosvenor Road junction from Vauxhall Bridge Road and Vauxhall Bridge.

Over the river at Vauxhall, proposals include:

  • A new westbound cycle track through the existing southern pedestrian subway (where the cycle parking stands are)
  • A new two-way segregated cycle lane replacing a traffic lane on Harleyford Road, allowing cyclists to by-pass the one-way system around Kennington Lane and Durham Street.

The plans for the junction with Millbank / Grosvenor Road
Click image to enlarge
Junction with Millbank / Grosvenor Road


I have printed out the plans for section in City of Westminster - some very interesting stuff including the 'cyclist early start facility' at the Millbank junction where, unlike Bow Roundabout, there will be many cyclists turning left and right, and not just going straight ahead.

I will bring the plans along to our Westminster Cycling Campaign meeting on Monday 10 December 2012 - meeting details and agenda here.

I note that page 14 of the Mayor's Vision for Cycling in London states that "The next all-new Barclays Superhighway, the route currently named CS5 from Victoria to New Cross, is being further improved from the already-announced plans. Details of this and other improvements and reroutings will be announced soon."

In my opinion some sections of the CS5 proposals were good, while other sections were mediocre at best. I look forward to seeing the improved proposals.

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