Cycle Superhighways: Boris to plug gap

According to a report in the Evening Standard, the Mayor of London intends to fill a critical gap in the Cycle Superhighway network.

The routes currently implemented or planned all terminate around the edge of central London: there are no routes across the centre, where cyclists most need them. As the map shows, the Mayor now intends to connect the current ends of routes 8 and 9, at Hyde Park Corner and Lambeth Bridge respectively, with the ends of routes 2 and 3 at Aldgate and Tower Hill. This will create a new east-west route across central London.

CSH Network

The proposed route from Hyde Park Corner would pass Buckingham Palace and go through Parliament Square - both intersections that cyclists would like to be made more cycle-friendly. The new route is said to have been inspired by road-use innovations during the Olympics, when removing parking from the Victoria Embankment made it far easier to cycle.

The new route is expected to be included in the Mayor’s ‘Cycle Vision’ strategy, to be published later in November.

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  • By paul at 9:32pm 18 November 2012

Essentially the route of the Mayor's Skyrides. Presumably for the same reason - no residents / business  parking issues and few junctions. (due to having the river on one side).

If done properly I expect it will be extremely popular with both commuters and tourists.

Perhaps at some point they'll include more of the outer London Boroughs. Not just for commuters going in, but inner london cyclists having a day out in the countryside.

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