We met with Kingston Council recently. They said that if they could use the data entered on that website they could use it to identify where to put bike racks. It seems a lot of the requests don't describe very well where people want cycle parking, and LCC didn't seem to have supplied the data to the councils. Many of the entries simply say things like "cycle parking here please", and nothing else. You can't be certain that the person identifying the location was very accurate.

I think there should be a field that a requester should use to give the nearest building/ business.  Bit of a shame that the info isn't detailed enough or passed on to those who can use it.


  • By gegi at 11:59am 21 June 2011

We are in the process of improving the site (more relevant entries, like button, back ewnd data extraction, feedback, etc...) and there have been talks with some councils and TfL about using the data.

All this costs money and there is little around at the moment. But it will happen.

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