Cycling Crossrail: Ranelagh Bridge or Westbourne Bridge?

There has been some speculation about how the proposed cycle route along Westway will link to Hyde Park. This was also discussed at a meeting between Bayswater residents and Andrew Gilligan.

Broadly there are two main options:

  1. If the cycle route goes along the south side of Westway, Ranelagh Bridge and Gloucester Terrace are the obvious route.
  2. If the cycle route goes along the north side of Westway, Westbourne Bridge and Westbourne Terrace are the obvious route.

The two main options

Bayswater residents seem to favour the Westbourne Bridge route, since it has less impact on car parking. It could also link up with the crossing of Harrow Road into Westbourne Terrace Road, creating a useful route for local cyclists - and reducing cycling along the footway of Westbourne Bridge. As the photo below shows, Westbourne Bridge appears to be sufficiently wide to accommodate a cycle track.

Westbourne Bridge
Not preparation for a cycle track but work on Westbourne Bridge in 2007

The cycling Crossrail also presents an opportunity for improving the gyratory system at Lancaster Gate. Westminster's transport commissioner Martin Low is reported as saying that he would not have a problem with removing the gyratory and instituting a two-way scheme, if bus stands could be removed.


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