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  • By Stewart on at 10:13am 30 June 2011
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Anyone know of some good areas to cycle in Italy?

We're not too hardcore (60-80km a day) and will be cycling with panniers and camping equipment. We've about 5 days, probably get a ferry into somewhere on the east coast like Bari and then leave by train back to London.

Any tips anyone?



  • By informa at 5:38pm 30 June 2011

Most of the interesting places and towns in Italy are on top of a hill. Often a very big hill. Plan your day around an uphill finish and you will be fine.

Lunch is always very good and shouldn't be missed. Sometimes you find you cannot do as many kms after lunch as you thought.

The sleeper train from Rome/Florence to Paris is a good way back, book an extra bed for the bikes if you can afford it.

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