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  • By phufbl on at 12:39pm 19 April 2013
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Does anybody know the legal status of cycling on paths in parks and commons?

As far as I can tell from some googling it largely depends on whether local byelaws prohibit cycling or not. As a result I looked up the Lambeth parks byelaws ( as I am mostly interested in whether or not it is legal to cycle across a particular part of Clapham Common. However the document was largely unhelpful, basically saying "you can only cycle where there is a right of way to cycle" without actually saying where there is or isn't a right of way to cycle!

Is it ok to assume that if there isn't a "no cycling" sign on a path then it is OK to cycle there? What if you are cycling in an area which you are not familiar with which may have different byelaws?

Does anybody know anymore than me, or know of any clear guidance?



  • By paul at 6:45pm 19 April 2013

A few years ago a N_S cycle route across Clapham Common was opened to some acclaim as the result of a public enquiry. That is clearly marked so you can probably assume that cycling on an unmarked path is not legal.

In most of the Royal Parks the paths where cycling is permitted are clearly marked and you can be fined for cycling elsewhere. In Bushy Park I have been assured that cycling on any surfaced path outside of enclosures is permitted but I have failed to persuade the management to put up notices to that effect.

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