Cycling to work: Westminster beats London but lags behind Hackney

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The results of the 2011 census show what proportion of the residents of each area cycle to work.

As the chart shows, Westminster's 3.1% beats the overall London figure of 2.6%, which in turn beats the England & Wales figure of 1.9%.

As expected, some of the boroughs in Zone 2 record the highest levels of cycling to work, with Hackney leading the field at 9.2%.

Within Westminster, the ‘output area’ with the highest proportion of cycling commuters is WES022A, the Moreton triangle in Pimlico. A few other areas in Pimlico, Baywater, Westbourne Park and Maida Hill also come above 5%.

There are, of course, more cyclists on Westminster's streets than these figures would suggest. That's because thousands cycle in every day from those Zone 2 boroughs.

See the results for yourself on the Guardian Datablog »


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