Cyclist killed on Mile End Road cycle superhighway CS2

A cyclist has died after a collision with a tipper lorry in east London on a cycle superhighway.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they were called to CS2 on Mile End Road at 16:38 GMT and a man had died.

Transport for London said nine cyclists had died on London's roads so far this year, compared with 14 in 2012.

This cyclist is the third to have died on CS2, which a coroner recently described as "confusing".

The Met said the cyclist, who has not been formally identified, was believed to be 62.

They believe the collision happened as the lorry moved off from a stationary position. The lorry was not turning.

The driver stopped and will be interviewed by officers under caution.

He has not been arrested, police added.


Another one on this "Super-highway" and another one in Tower Hamlets. When will it stop?

In my experience this road is one of the worse in the whole of London and the addition of blue paint on the road appears to have done next to nothing in terms of making cycling feel or be safer. The route was badly selected, is poorly designed and has no safeguards. People cycling still have to contend with aggressive fast traffic, parking and loading bays all along the route, lanes that converge, poorly designed and badly manage junctions (eg at Whitechapel Road/Vallance Road) The road is also essentially a dual carriage way for much of its length and it's not appropriate to have unsegregated cycling on such a busy road

Agree with bobbylondon. Cycling there every day full distance from Ilford.

  • By MartinB at 4:31pm 6 November 2013

Bobbylondon is right. The A11 is a dangerous mix of congestion and fast moving traffic. This leads to aggressive driving. The situation is made worse by traffic lanes that are continuously merging and diverging, as well as the parking and loading bays mentioned by Bobbylondon. I use this route everyday, and I actually think it is getting more dangerous as time passes.

The driver stopped and will be interviewed by officers under caution.

He has not been arrested, police added.

I have a genuine and serious question: is this not a crime to run people over? It sounds like a truly horrific way to die.

Or can someone clarify if being held under caution will lead to a charge? To a naive person like myself, it sounds like murder or manslaughter.

  • By phufbl at 6:36pm 6 November 2013

The caution is the "you do not have to say anything, anything you do say will be taken in evidence, it may harm your defence if you fail to mention..." spiel that I'm sure you know from TV dramas.

The driver will be being interviewed under caution while the police decide if a crime has been committed and he will not necessarily be charged.

There is not enough information available to the public to say whether the collision was the lorry driver's fault, so it is a bit premature to say it sounds like murder or manslaughter!

  • By anita at 8:41pm 6 November 2013

How come the Mayor is still the Mayor, having installed the most dangerous non-cycle lanes imaginable?

Draw no conclusion about an event none of us know enough about. There could be no collisions on CS2 if there were proper facilities on this dreadful route for cycles lanes to be physically and safely segregated from motor traffic. 

See my post in Campaigns and Issues headed Tell Boris to fix CS2.

  • By Spoquey at 9:08pm 7 November 2013

This content was deleted by Spoquey at 4:01am 8 November 2013.

  • By SimonS at 2:39am 9 November 2013
Glad to see TfL and the City of London have finally got the message and are planning more segregated lanes for the rest of CS2 and elsewhere, and to finally sort out Aldgate. I still think they are a long way from accepting that proper cycle lanes should be provided on all main roads and 20 MPH should be the limit for all side roads though, and we should be relentless in demanding that. I am surprised that this story isn't on the main/news page of LCC though, and that another recent unnecessary cyclist death was also ignored on the news/page: seriously, that's not cool.

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