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  • By jasecd on at 8:29pm 18 March 2012
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I'm producing a short film for the Guardian travel competition based on a cyclists view of the city.

I'm looking for an individual (male or female) who is a fairly accomplished cyclist and would be willing to be the star of the piece. There's no acting required as the piece is dialogue free and will be set to an original composed piece of music.

I'm a professional film-maker and a keen cyclist and this is a nice side project for me to try out a few ideas. I have a number of cycle mounted cameras which I will be intercutting with more traditional shots.

I would require someone for a few hours at a time on two or three seperate occasions between now and 20th April. Unfortunately I can't offer you any money upfront - but I will feed you and offer you a deffered payment if I win the competition. I will of course give you a copy of the finished film and credit you accordingly.

Please let me know if you are interested either by replying to this forum or to the email below.

Many thanks,




Hi i would be interested what is the film about?

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