Cyclists not using lights

Just reading the good cycling code again and spotted -

Use lights at night Always use lights at night, and consider wearing light or high-visibility clothing or adding reflective material to your bike or luggage

It amazes me how many cyclists still ride without lights or don;t put them on when conditions warrant it ie rain, fog, dim light.

Cars get pulled over if spotted driving wihtout lights, should the same happen to cyclists??


I'd be sympathetic to police stopping cyclists in this situation because, unlike bike helmets, there is at least some evidence that failing to comply with UK law (i.e. not using bike lights) puts themselves and other road users at risk: .

Cycling through Hyde Park recently on an unlit cycle path, despite having a very strong front bike light myself, I almost hit a cyclist wearing black clothes on a black bike with no lights... If a fellow cyclist can't spot them, how on earth is a car driver stuck behind a windscreen going to do so?

Yes police should stop anyone breaking the law on the road, and don't forget bikes should have front, rear and pedal reflectors to be legal.

Off road its probably more difficult for them. I remember onece I forgot my lights and it was getting dark. Eventually I decided to ride on the pavements as the road would have been far too unsafe. My mother when she was caught out like this a long time ago she pushed her bike the 4 miles home.

Now I always put lights on my bike no matter what the time or weather when I go out. I would also suggest riders use 2 rear lights. When the front one fails you notice it, when the rear one fails, and that's the more important one you don't know until you stop or someone tells you.

  • By paul at 3:16pm 8 October 2011

That is why I prefer dynamo lighting. It is very difficult to steal so can be left attached to the bike for use whenever needed. ( actually I have battery rear light but that is also bolted on)

The idea of always on lights, like those on the Barclays bikes is appealing. Perhaps it i something that could come as standard on town bikes.

I think most people, like myself, prefer not to waste time fiddling with accessories; where there is a need it is generally best included / integrated as standard e.g. Rack.

ManAboutTown - turning a couple of lights on, and off, is hardly "wasting time" when it could save your life. Surely when you come across some prat with no lights ( or those tiny pinprick things that are worse than useless) you must notice how less visible they are than those with good lights? 

Until you get a dynamo fitted - turn them on !

  • By Stily1 at 1:03pm 20 December 2011

I've seen for sale (somewhere online) bicycle lights that sense motion and brighness and turn themselves on. I think this is brilliant (so to speak); how many times have I seen an otherwise kitted-out cyclist in a dark tunnel with no lights? Dumb dumb dumb dumb!

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