Did you receive an e-mail from TFL this morning?

  • By sgafair on at 11:20am 17 January 2012
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did anyone else see the 'Give Motorcyclists a second thought' advertisement in this mornings Metro, (Tuesday 17 January, 2012)...I was fuming...no mention of cyclists.  This advertisement was supported by Mayor of London and TFL.  We need similar advertisements for cyclists too! 

At approximately 11am this morning I received an e-mail from TFL titled 'Travel Information reminder'...it mentions the importance of road safety for all cyclists. In no way does this reach the proportion of population that the Metro advertisement did...e-mail is wholly dependent on who has actually registered for updates from TFL.

I'm a firm believer that we should be campaigning for peak-time advertisements supported not just by TFL but by the Government - highlighting the dangers that pedestrians and drivers present to cyclists in the 21st century.  People are not aware of how advanced cycle manufacture has become and that we can be travelling at the same speed as a motorcar within our cities...yet many drivers give little or no respect for our presence on the road...pedestrians are no better especially in and around the City.  On a near daily basis, the number of jay-walkers that I could seriously cause injury too is incredible.  Yet!  I bet I would be cursed if I did crash in to them and I'd be the one in the wrong...okay I accept partly due to the complete twats who do cycle in an erratic and irresponsible manner!

Can LCC arrange a campaign to TFL and the Mayor of London for similar ads to be broadcast across the Metro and Evening Standard?

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