Did you witness this collision and could you help?

  • By Spoquey on at 1:23pm 17 April 2014
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A friend at work was knocked off her bike last week and hopes LCC can help track down any witnesses to the collision. The police have traced the driver but her account differs from my friend's so she would like to find any witnesses who may be willing to help. If anyone saw the collision would they be able to contact me as soon as possible via LCC?

Claire says:

"It was on Cycle Superhighways 7 on Thursday morning 10th April at around 8.35am and the collision occurred on the T-junction of Clapham Road and Dorset road (between Stockwell and Oval Tube stations)... It was a Mercedes estate car, dark colour (I would say off black).  I was wearing a bright banana coloured ski jacket (v distinctive), red rucksack and grey bell round helmet – so I was easy to spot.

The cyclist who stopped to help me was in a light blue lycra short slieved cycling top, wearing a helmet and clear cycling glasses. I think he had a shaved head but couldn’t say for certain. He stopped for a couple of minutes to make sure I was okay, but I was pretty shaken and I can’t give you much more a description of him than that – didn’t think to get his details.  ... I also made a crunch sound as I hit the car.


There was also a man and a women riding two vintage looking green bicycles (I had over took them earlier on my journey). I heard the women of the green bike say  as she cycled past “that is the reason I don’t like cycling in London”."






  • By Dave H at 3:02pm 20 April 2014

Have Police checked buses on Clapham Road? (bound to have been one or two nearby) all London Buses have external CCTV but has to be captured before it overwrites. Check routes and if possible get Police to check which vehicles/drivers in the area for CCTV.

Also worth doing a walk-round to check for any buildings with CCTV which covers street outside. One guy got useful evidence from hotel where the front entrance camera (looking across the entrance steps) also captured the car left hooking him at the next corner.

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