Dissertation: Cycling in London

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Hello all ,
My name is George and I'm currently studying Geography at Staffordshire University, I'm writing my dissertation on cycling in London and have created a short survey to get some results and as a whole get a general understanding of peoples perceptions of cycling within London. 
The full title of my dissertation is ' An investigation to explore the challenges that face cycling as a sustainable form of transport within London (UK)'

Cycling is a hot topic at the minute, its of course great for our health, saves money and is better off for the environment, but in recent months cycling within london has come under fire, unfortunately the safety has come into question, but what i would really like to know is how you all feel about it, so if you can i'd like to ask you to fill in my short survey, it would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately i am aware of some errors in my survey, and understand that some questions are very generalised, i wont edit them though because i need to keep it the same for each forum and contacts i send it to, to keep it fair. Hope you understand. 

If you have any questions of tips for me when writing my dissertation that would be most welcome, send me a message. 

The link is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q0YocHHlWD2IlQw9LyJRyLtQf6K4EFG0IUo6ZfkTtZM/viewform

Many thanks to any of you who take part, Cheers!

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Done. My only criticism would be the 1-5 rating of the experience of riding on London's roads. Most of the time it's brilliant. When it isn't it can be terrifying. This varies on a pretty much daily basis.

  • By phufbl at 10:52am 14 January 2014

Done. Good luck with your dissertation.

I noticed one of your questions was whether there had been a rise in the number of cyclists since the 2012 Olympics. One tip for your dissertation is that correlation does not necessarily indicate causation.

Good luck!

It's difficult to rate the overall cycling experience in London. What are we rating it in comparisson to? The tube? Buses? Driving a car?

A rather meaningless stat I'm afraid.

  • By wardgee at 3:15pm 19 January 2014

Cheers for all your comments, greatly appreciated! 

Any chance you could share the results?

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