Do I report when a car knocked me off my bike?

I was cycling along Clapham Common South side along a clearly marked blue cycle super highway, just going straight and minding my own business. There was another cyclist in front going slower and so I started to overtake her. At the point when we were parallel with each other, there was a car to my right and we were all just approaching a junction with a left turn. Out of nowhere (to me anyway) the car accelerated to overtake us and immediately turned left, and knocked me off from the side. There were other people nearby and they all gathered round to check if I'm ok. As I was not badly injured (though have a few ghastly cuts and bruises) I just wanted to go home and wash and tape up the cuts. Now I'm wondering if I should have report the incident? If so, can I still do it the next day (I've noted down her car registration)?


Did the driver stop?

Also, did you get contact details of any witnesses?


  • By Spoquey at 9:15am 5 August 2012

I am really sorry to hear this, and I know how sickening it is when you are knocked off your bike. I am really pleased that you are okay.

You certainly should report this to the police, as the driver has endangered your life. You could easily have been killed. This driver may have done this before, may have been drunk or drugged, or may have defective vision, or may for any number of reasons not be a fit person to be driving a vehicle. If that is the case she needs a reprimand before she does it again. 

If she didn't stop at the scene, she has broken the law. She knows that she must stop at the scene of a collision, so if she drove off without stopping that is illegal. She also has to exchange her insurance details with you, as far as I can remember, so that would be another offence (?) 

Will you take the bike to a bike repairers to get it checked in case there is any damage to it? There may be something up with it (or your crash helmet if you were wearing one) that isn't immediately obvious. You should take the bike along to have it checked out. If there is any damage, you should claim it back off the driver...but if you don't report the collision to the police, it never happened!

Finally it is important to report all collisions, no matter how small, as how else are we to build up a full picture of the danger to cyclists?

Good luck.



  • By gegi at 6:52pm 5 August 2012

Hi Olivia,

Good to hear you are ok. I suggest seeking medical attention anyway. Sometimes the adrenalin will make you feel ok and a day or two later you might experience all sorts of problems.

And yes you should report any collision to the Police. You have to do it at a Police station, but it can be any Police station, whichever is convenient for you.

As has been pointed out before leaving the scene of a collision is a serious offence. So regardless of who was to blame for the collision it is quite shocking that a driver would do that.

Finally if you are an LCC member you are entitled to a free legal helpline should you need it.

Good luck

I got knocked off my bike by a hit and run last Friday. I wasn't badly hurt and got a lot of help from people who saw it. One of the witnesses took note of the reg and I reported it the same day. You should do the same. If you have the name of any of the witnesses then thats a good thing too.

I took a photo of my injuries and added it to the report. It's also important to keep the original note of the reg as evidence on the original paper as this is evidence as well.

Yes you should report it. I was told it should be done within 24 hours.

Good luck


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