Do you use a website or App for finding routes?

Do you use a webite or App for finding bike rides? The Kingston Cycling Campaign is preparing a booklet of leisure rides for new or returning cyclists. There will be a printed version but we want to have them available online or on smartphones. What are the most popular or easiest to use webistes. I've used and see there is MapMyRide too. Would appreciate some advice. Many thanks, Jon

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I use Goskyride or cycle-route. There are so many its just pot luck if people find yours, you'll need to link them from your website. Mapmyride is also up and coming.

Personally I also wouldn't bother with a book just PDFs. There's a lot of books around as well.

Also you'll need to provide the GPX files for use on various devices.

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I mostly use the Cycle Streets website and Android map for finding routes and for turn by turn navigation. There's an embedded version of the same here on I find it gives much quieter routes than google maps for cycling, although they acknowledge they can be a bit wiggly.

I don't know if there are any apps designed for finding leasure rather than utility routes, or that will find good circular rather than a to be routes.

++ for cycle streets

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