Donate your unwanted bike to a Cuban cyclist!

Fellow cyclists,


In April and early May this year I  am taking part in the Cuba Solidarity Campaign bike ride covering around 300km across mixed terrains on the Island. I am raising funds for Abelmaria  school for visually impaired children in Havana and packing my case with goods the US embargo of Cuba  makes difficult for Cubans to secure


I also  intend to leave the bike I ride with the Cuban part of the cycle ride organisation to  gift to one of their number on completion of the ride.


I won’t be taking my own bike as it is too bulky and the organisers  recommend a

mountain bike.  Before I go out  and buy a second hand bike , I just wanted to see if anyone has a spare/old serviceable mountain bike which they would be willing to donate to the cause.


The bike needs to weigh less than 23kg to ‘get on the plane’ and of course be in fairly decent condition. I willsort out a service beforehand. If you want to help and have the satisfaction of leaving a part of your cycling  history in the Caribbean please Email me asap at


Many thanks




PS _ forgot to mention, I'm based in east londonand can collect.

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