Dr Bike help?

Hi - I'm interested in becoming a "Dr Bike", but there are various things I don't understand about this initiative.

My local borough's LCC contact passed on my query to a borough employee. What does this have to do with the borough council? Is it that they fund some (all?) of the events? I know of at least four attempts to contact this employee across the last few months, with no replies. Is this typical of councils' support for Dr Bike? (My aim here isn't to embarrass any individual, hence why I've not mentioned which borough.)

I assume that public liability insurance is crucial, alongside knowing that anyone leading such an event has appropriate skills and experience. I'd at least like to see a Dr Bike in action - how do I find out where these are? Is there any process for getting myself trained/approved/etc.?

I've got two years' experience fixing my own and neighbours bikes (including rebuilding wheels, replacing bottom brackets, etc.), a pretty extensive toolkit, and would like to put these to wider use.

Thanks for any help - Jon


Try emailing services@lcc.org.uk as that is the LCC contact point

Thanks, will do.

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