Dukes place/ hounds ditch cycle lane

I've used the cycle lane on Dukes place, after coming off the Aldgate one way system While the lane is segregated and provides some safety from motorised traffic, the lane ends just before a bus stop. This along with the fact that there are often lorries parked on or near, means that cyclists have to make a very quick and unsafe manoeuvre into the middle of the road and directly onto busy traffic Has anyone experienced this and/or anyone reported it?


  • By MartinB at 1:09pm 24 September 2013

Yes! I have experienced exactly the same issue. There is a segregated cycle lane enoucraging cyclists to use this when leaving the one way system and joining Bevis Marks, then it plonks you straight into a bus stop. At rush hour, this is usually occupied by a bus, forcing cyclists to swerve out and overtake, or wait for the bus. Lorries are commonly parked in this spot, due to the heavy construction in the City at the moment, which adds difficulty to this already challenging spot in the City.

Thanks for your reply. I'll look to see if the review of Aldgate just announced will look into this.

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