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Hi, I am looking for a cycle 'buddy' for the Dunwich Dynamo in July, I cycle around 10 miles an hour (min)and looking forward to a relaxed, fun ride and shared adventure. Thanks, Lorraine

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Hi Lorraine,

It's difficult to find a buddy before a long ride unless to have a few practice rides with them to see if your speed and style match. You could try some of the social rides run by our local groups. See the 'rides' section of this site or http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lccrider/

Fortunately the Dunwich Dynamo is the friendliest long distance ride on the planet. When you set off you will find faster riders overtaking and you will pass slower ones. Soon you will find yourself in a group going about the same speed as you do. Have a chat and ask if it is ok to ride along with them. If you get tired and stop for a break it is easy to find the next group going at your speed.

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