Edinburgh to Dublin 12-15 September


emerge poverty free believe that nobody should have to live in poverty for a lifetime, so we are hatching big plans that will help millions.

It only takes a small start to change a lot: even with just six hard working staff – plus the help of many volunteers – in the past year we have touched the lives of over 160,000 children and adults who needed our help.

We really want to make a lasting difference so we work alongside people in some of the poorest countries on earth, helping them to find their path out of poverty.

We always pass on what we have learned, and so do the people that we work with. This way in other communities and countries, where more families need expertise, they can freely share in what we have learned.


The Edinburgh to Dublin cycle challenge, run by Global Adventure Challenges, will challenge you physically while you raise money for emerge poverty free.  The Challenge takes place over 3 days, with a fourth to rest and relax at the end, as you bicycle 220 miles from the city of Edinburgh to the city of Dublin. 

The journey is fantastic and challenging- you ride through the scenic areas of Troon, Belfast, and Newry, all while averaging 74.3 miles per day on your bike.  At the end not only do you get the sense of accomplishment that comes with pulling off such an incredible ride, but you also get the sense of satisfaction that the funds you have raised to do this have made a positive and significant impact on the world.

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