Edith Road cycle route

The southern by-pass of the Hammersmith Gyratory comes into the A315 via Edith Rd. I was cycling that way on Friday. Signalled right to go towards Kensington and realised that there was a "no right turn" sign. The TFL journey planner still sends you that way. Is this a new arrangement ?


If you mean the traffic lights at Edith Road where it meets the Hammersmith Road (where you would turn right to go towards Kensington) that left turn only has been in place for some time (easily more than a year). 

If you are approaching Hammersmith from the Fulham Palace Road side of the gyrotary try using St Dunstan's Road (alongside Charing X Hospital) then into Margavine Road that leads into Barons Court Road. This brings you out at the station of the same name. Turn left here, straight cross the A4 into North End Road which brings you out at Olympia where you can turn right towards Kensington.

  • By paul at 7:43pm 14 November 2011

Thanks - I don't go that way very frequently. I was coming along St Duunstans/Margravine.


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