Electric bikes - any thoughts?

My SO is thinking about getting an electric bike for his commute to work.  Does anyone have any experience of them?  He doesn't currently cycle much and his commute is a reasonable distance and quite hilly.  Also no showers at work and doesn't want to spend the day all sweaty.  After being overtaken by hundreds of grandmothers on electric bikes in Holland, he thinks they are the way forward...


  • By idavid at 2:16pm 11 June 2011
I spent an hour on a GoCycle last year and it was an absolute blast; a smart, well balanced machine and it stopped well too. My only gripe was that pedalling didn't charge the battery, which I'd have thought logical. But now there are many newer models and this issue may have been fixed.

Morden Hall Park National trustT will have an event in July where there will be electric bikes to try on the Merton Cycling campaign stand - I'll post details in Rides and People in a bit.

There was a write-up of an electric bike in a weekend Guardian by Helen Pidd recently:


Yes I think there is a place for electric bikes, especially where a cycling journey would otherwise not be undertaken.

Here's the other link mentioned in the above article:


  • By ron at 9:46am 14 August 2011

I use a pedalec electric bike to do a 30 mile daily commute. The assistance levels the hills and negated headwind. Do I recommend? Yes, but do your homework. Make sure that the bike you buy meets the following minimum criteria:

  • Has a good reputation for reliability in all weather.
  • Has a good warranty - especially on the battery which is the most expensive component.
  • Has a reputatuon for good technical support and can easily source replacement parts locally.

There are more things to break on an electric bike than a standard bike and there is nothing more frustrating than waiting a month or more for a replacement component because parts aren't available in the UK.

forums like  www.pedelecs.co.uk/ are good for research. 


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  • By stevew at 8:02am 17 September 2011

Thereis also a free on-line mag that may help you decide


Worth a look and published by the trusted publisher of Velovision the only true cycle mag ! !


I was quite anti. But then a pregnant friend used one, I met a guy who commuted 30 miles each way 5 days a week and an 80-year-old who is able to keep riding. Now I think they are a useful tool.

I have just bought a Giant Esprit and it is fab. I have a neurological problem and though I have always cycled, with age it was getting harder. Now I can still engage in an activity I love and get exercise but without endangering my back. I've had some fun discussions with bike couriers too as they were baffled that a little ageing lady overtook them! My only gripe is the cost of insuring it which is prohibitive.

  • By laura at 2:59pm 20 February 2012

I bought an electric bike from http://www.electric-bike-store a couple of months ago and I am thrilled with my Volt Burlington. The quality of the components is by far the most superior on the market. The design is stylish and really stands out of the crowd.

Commuting to work by public transport was tiring and stressful so getting the electric bike made a fantastic change in my commuting routine.

Guys at Electric Bike Store can help you choose the right ebike and let you take it for a test ride.

Volt bikes are the best available electric bikes on the market and are designed in the UK.

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