Elephant and Castle protest on 21st May 2014

Here is a link to my video of the event http://youtu.be/kVimzxkz-vg

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Some schizophrenic planning going on here after a fake, 'choose scheme A or B only', con-insult-ation. Segregated (sort of) northgoing route but cyclists are thrown to the wolves southgoing! As site above says " most obvious on the Link Road, the bit of road that connects the main roundabout with the junction to the south – the junction where Abdelkhalak Lahyani was killed in May.". Buses turn right and left over cycle lane, with left turning traffic too! 'Pincer Movement' is the military term used to describe a potentially lethal attack like this. Cyclists go into the "conflicts" mincer that TfL themselves refer to on their site, while pasting lots of 'hipsters' onto their artists impression. Disgusting.

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