Email to Karen Buck, Westminster North MP

I emailed Karen Buck MP on behalf of the LCC Westminster group to ask her to sign Early Day Motion 407 'Victims of Road Accidents' ( One of her colleagues replied that Ms Buck is not able to sign Early Day Motions because she is a front bench spokesperson, however the following day I received an email from Ms Buck saying that "I wasn’t aware of a Westminster branch of the London cycling group and would certainly like to work with you on cycling issues." So that's positive.

I am considering replying to explain that LCC consists of borough groups plus some central committees, then explaining the issues we are campaigning about in Westminster North. Does anyone have any suggestions? The crossing of Harrow Road at Hermitage Street? Paddington Station cycle parking? Obviously Ms Buck is an MP, and is not a Westminster City councillor, nor a GLA member, so I need to think what issues are worth highlighting to her.

Dominic Fee, Secretary, LCC Westminster group


The large number of one-way streets in Westminster make it difficult to cycle around, and this is something which I think could be improved without too much expense.

The problems in Westminster are political.  While MPs duties are to represent residents on national issues, they often get involved in local issues, but not to the extent of discussing specific implementations on certain streets.

Discuss the political opposition in Westminster Council. Talk about how Hackney/Camden/City of London are making big moves to help cycling but Westminster continues to block measures.  There's been a few things in the cycling media over the past few months about Westminster council's opposition. Didn't a westminster spokesperson make some anti-cycling remarks on twitter recently? Talk about the attitude, keep it high level.

oh and mention the Camden segregated cycle track that was originally supposed to be continuously from Westminster through Camden to Islington, but never got off the ground in Westminster

A suggestion is to ask Ms Buck out for a guided ride around her consituency, highlighting both the positive and negative issues of cycling in central London, as well as seeing if you can engage her in cycling to her place of work each day - (and I'm making the big assumption that she doesnt cycle - she may do so) then ask what prevents her from cycling to her work at the Palace of Westminster....

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