Evening rides in London??

Hi, I was wondering if there are any evening rides in London that I could join? Nothing too severe.......I mean, I don't want to go up highgate hill, swains lane & west hill after a days work ;) Think more of a gentle roll around Central London or East. Cheers, Matty. E: Matty@pockethighstreet.com T: twitter.com/pockethighst F: facebook.com/pockethighstreet I: instagram.com/pockethighstreet

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Hi Matty, 


Have we met before? Or was that someone else from Pocket High Street?


You may or may not know that our local borough groups organise LOADS of rides throughout the year - some are in the evenings! 

 Check out our events listings:



And also our local group websites and social media: 



You could also drop us a tweet and we might be able to find you some evening cycling friends! :)



Hi, I think that was someone else. Thanks for your reply & information. M.

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