Exchanging Places Events


Many of you will have seen the publicity for the Exchanging Places events run by the Met; see the link below. Perhaps you've attended one. I have. You get the chance to sit in a big lorry. It is quite instructive; not least on how inappropriate it is to mix large lorries with cyclists on busy roads.

While I welcome the intention, I do think the Met should run it the other way, i.e., by getting lorry drivers to sit on a bicycle, perhaps even ride one, ideally in heavy traffic. As set up it's not really an exchange. The implication is that it is (only) cyclists that should be taking more care; while many of us know that it is vehicle drivers, and especially HGV drivers, who need to be paying more attention.  

I think the LCC should ask the Met to broaden the scope of the scheme to make these events a proper exchange. What do you think? 




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