Extend the Cycle Superhighway along the Chelsea Embankment?

It's clear to *this* casual observer that there is not room for four-wheeled traffic to form up two paralel lanes along the Chelsea Embankment. And, since we all know that a situation such as this, with a 30 mph speed limit and bottlenecks at most intersetions, nobody actually gets anywhere any quicker by piling into two 'lanes', this situation could be easily remedied without impact by extending the blue cycle superhighway along this stretch of road. If you simultaneously established a dashed-line centre divider, then the cars would remain single file, the bicycles would be able to pass safely, and the motorscooters would pass up the centre (where they belong).

Who's with me?


  • By paul at 1:13pm 28 November 2012

Sounds good. There seems to be an irrational desire for drivers to get a bit further forward by making two lanes where there isn't room. Throw in a few wide vehicles and the result is a messy scrum that slows thing down even more.

Daily commuting on cycle, I experience busy traffic every day across the city. I’ve had 17 notable crashes in nearly 30 years of riding, each accident hospitalized me with broken bones or some little less injury. So, extending the cycle superhighway is a very good idea for safe cycle riding.


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