Family-oriented bicycle shop?

We're looking to buy a new bike for my sporty girlfriend, which needs to be able to carry (a) a front child-seat, (b) a rear child-seat and (c) a trailer. Possibly but rarely also simultaneously!

So we're wondering whether anyone can recommend a decent bike shop where they don't turn their noses up at such non-Tours-de-France-style behaviour, but where they also have happy customers in general.

We used to use Brixton Cycles but don't live down that way anymore. We've tried Mosquito, Condor and not forgetting Finsbury Cycles and are also slightly wary of the chain stores.... any recommendations of a good local bike store?





  • By Hassan at 7:46pm 6 February 2013

For major purchases I go to Simpsons (NW5). It's family run, independant and I always find them friendly. There could be somewhere nearer you, but it does sound like the kind of place you're after. Hope this helps.

  • By anbh66 at 9:55pm 8 February 2013

Hassan, I'll give it a try, thanks for the recommendation.

  • By anbh66 at 8:54am 29 May 2014

Hi Hassan,

a bit late I know but we went there last year and my girlfriend got a great bike, she's really happy with it and the shop and their service. Good tip.

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