Fed Up With Motorists

One of the things that really pisses me off on a daily basis cycling around in London is car drivers who insist on overtaking for no good reason ie if they just looked 100 yards ahead they would see that there is a queue of traffic moving slowly which they will soon join or more annoyingly the traffic lights are in the process of turning red. So you are cycling along at a fair whack when the motorist just cannot avoid the temptation to accelerate past and THEN has to ram on the brakes!! It really suggests that so many motorists see cyclists as an irritation, or an annoying obstacle and if they can just get past they they can make some progress or NOT.

Anyway I was thinking why doesn't LCC commission a TV advert (or public information film as they used to be known) about this kind of issue. More needs to be done to get it into the thick heads of drivers that we have as much right to use the road as they do and we are not going away. I'm sure there will be loads of creative types who cycle around everywhere who might want to get involved, Hackney is full of them, and maybe a film could be made for free. Boris Johnson could come up with the money to get it put out on TV. LCC needs to get onto the mass media and increase its profile massively. I ask people at work who cycle in if they have heard of LCC and invariably the answer is no. So come on LCC get us on the telly!


perhaps you'll raise this at the AGM? or inyour borough Group?

Billboards, buses and the Metro are likely to be better places. I'd like to see something along the lines of "Roads are for everyone, so are the rules".

@marco... I like that slogan. It removes the "transport type" from the argument.

Use it - spread the word! I feel it breaks the "us vs them" boundary that makes no sense anyway. As a pedestrian, cyclists, driver and user of public transport (like most people) I fit into all groups, and just want everyone to get where they're going in a calm, relaxed and safe manner, even if it adds 2 minutes to the journey (I've spent longer than that writing this!).

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Agree that is very annoying and happens *ALL* the time ..

I'd prefer LCC focused on space4cycling/Go Dutch campaigns tbh


Good rant though, 8/10

It would all help with general awareness and therefore should add to safety.

Is also something that can be more "immediate" than getting road layouts changed.

I agree this is annoying.  But I think you have to be realistic about the resources someone like the LCC has at its disposal.  Not sure commissioing TV adverts is really a good use of funds.

Far better that priority is given to putting pressure on the politicians and decision makers who build the roads and set the rules.

I notice the coroner who had held inquests into two cycling superhighway deaths has called for TV advertising to make cyclists and motorists more aware of the potential dangers.

Did the coroner by any chance recommend who might commission them and who might pay for them?

Well why not grab our own free TV publicity as Fathers4Justice so successfully did with a number of great stunts a few years ago? Their antics were seen the length and breadth of the land!

I don't agree with this argument at all. The point seems to be about 'educating' car drivers about overtaking cyclists which some people seem to find 'annoying'. It's not illegal as far as I can remember. We need to share road space, tube carriages, pubs, workplaces and many other things with people who do 'annoying' things. And I'm sure that many things that cyclists do are annoying to others. Unless it's causing danger for risk, take a few deep breaths and get over it.

I don't think that the drivers who do it will take any notice of attempts to educate them. They are only thinking about one thing at once, i.e. taking each problem at a time. Good road users (on any mode of transport) will be looking ahead, behind and around them, and weighing up what to do next. These overtaking drivers only have one thing in mind ("need to overtake bike"), and then once they have overtaken they move onto to the next problem ("red light - must stop"). If they were looking at both tasks at once they'd see that the overtaking was pointless and wouldn't do it. You can see this behaviour all the time, the classic "left-hook" is another - overtake and then turn, or people being in the wrong lane at junctions/roundabouts.

I thinking attempting such a campaign would be pointless and possibly counterproductive - with the LCC association it could just lead to more "well, cyclists jump red lights" type responses. 

Possibly better for education might be the simpler message of passing with more space - there are already TfL posters about this. If drivers waited until there was more space then there would be fewer pointless "annoying" overtakes, but more importantly fewer dangerous ones. Of course the derisory penalties for drivers involved in crashes makes it harder to put weight behind the message.  

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